Protect Your Shiniest Investment


When you’re physically active and participate in contact sports, there’s always a risk of injury.

Pulled muscles, fractures, and sprains come to mind immediately. But don’t forget those pearly whites, which are just as susceptible to damage as any other part of your body.

That’s why wearing a personalized custom-made mouthguard is critical to helping protect your smile – one of your most valuable assets.

Proud of your Weekend Warrior status? Awesome! But always remember, if you’re out for a game of hoops or going for a challenging bike ride, protecting your teeth is number one. All it takes … is an inadvertent elbow, a slip and fall on the hardcourt, or an unanticipated swerve that ejects you at top speed off your bike … to threaten your great smile.

We’ve seen it too many times here at Cox & Co Dentistry/Orthodontics.

When you’re wearing your mouthguard, injuries are prevented or lessened:

  • broken, cracked, or knocked-out teeth
  • cut lips, cheeks, and tongue
  • and, there’s evidence that even concussions can be avoided or less severe.

Dental injuries are common in sports and can happen to anyone – including the pros. If you haven’t seen it, check out the dent on NBA superstar Russell Westbrook’s cheekbone after he took a knee to the face – ouch!

Now imagine a blow like that to the mouth without protection!

You have options.

  1. Custom-made personalized mouthguards, like the ones we make at our practice, have a proven track record of protecting teeth, and in many cases, saving them. They cover the upper teeth and, because they’re made of soft material that gives, they effectively absorb the force of a blow to the mouth to dissipate the energy and prevent damage.
  2. An over-the-counter mouthguard, such as the “boil and bite” kind, is easy to find and buy – but it won’t fit nearly as well as a custom-made one, it won’t be as comfortable, and it definitely won’t protect you as well.

At our dental office, we take an impression of your teeth from which we’ll make your own mouthguard … so that it’s perfect for you. It’s what we recommend – and it’s how we protect our own smiles when we’re out on the weekend warrior adventure circuit!

To keep your smile safe, please give us a call today or schedule an appointment for a consultation. If you’re ready to proceed, we’ll take a quick impression … and in a couple of weeks, you’ll be playing like a pro!