Smile Bright Like A Diamond – With Opalescence


With the holidays around the corner, we all want to look our best. Sure, you’ll go digging for the right shoes to match that dazzling outfit and seek the perfect piece of jewellery to complement your attire. But what about your smile?

An illuminating healthy-looking smile is a great gift to give yourself – and others! At Cox Family Dentistry & Orthodontics, we have a fast-acting long-lasting tooth whitening treatment you can easily do at home!

But first … Why choose teeth whitening? That’s easy: confidence, beauty, healthy-looking smiles!

Over time, smiles become dull and discolored for several reasons. They include food and beverage stains, smoking, aging, and injuries.

We’re a proud to give you the Opalescence Advantage – the “gold standard” of tooth whitening products. Opalescence has been the leader in whitening for over 25 years.

Get the bright white smile you are proud to flash!

  • Professional results at home
  • Pre-filled custom whitening trays with active whitening (oxidizing) gel
  • Whiten for as little as 15 minutes per day & up to 60 minutes per day
  • Flavorful mint & melon – you choose!
  • Aftercare is easy. Smile!

Get started today! with safe and effective teeth whitening in Fredericksburg! We can help you achieve a sparkling white smile for those special holiday moments!